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Mila is the princess of a really small and peaceful island country of Sala. One day the army of a belligerent country, XIV State, attacks and due to some type of magic, the island of Sala and everyone on it at the time disappears!!
Mila survives the attack thanks to the efforts of the military of a neighboring country, Aphallea, led by Commander Valencia Frost. But everyone she loves disappears along with the island. yadayada she learns that she was born with a gift that is passed down through lifetimes yadayada only she can save Sala.
So with the help of Aphallea, she is trained by Salan-born Lieutenant Ooka, who also holds this mystical power. She lives with Valencia Frost and her spouse, Lantana.

So this comic probably takes place a few weeks after the attack, but I don't really consider it canon because Mila was most definitely an emotional wreck during this time and was not thinking about amusement parks when her whole country just disappears and only she can save it.

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